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Pony Rides

Lil Horse Adventures offers you one to two ponies for every party.

We offer one, two, and three hour party packages.  The one hour party will serve 10 guests or less. This party is usually best for "ride time only", unless you only have a few guests, and then we can make the grooming time possible.   


The two hour party will serve up to 20 guests.  This is our most popular package.  The two hour package provides the maximum amount of ride time for your guests, and it also allows for grooming and hands-on time at the end of your party.  This is also an excellent package for preschool visits.  This allows for multiple classes to rotate through the ride time, and depending on the size of the classes, allows for 1-2 rides per child.  Some children may not ride at all, which can leave more time for the avid riders to ride more.  


For parties larger than 20 guests but under 40, we suggest the 3 hour party. This length of party will allow for multiple rides,  provide enough time to mount and dissmount riders in a calm manner, and allow children time to pet the ponies after their ride, without feeling rushed to leave the riding area. 



For groups larger than 40 riders, and events longer than 3 hours, please call for special pricing based on length of event and aniticpated attendance.



Optional Services
Unicorn Costume

Add a little whimsy to your party and invite a unicorn.  An adorable pony is decorated with glitter, colored hairspray, flowers and unicorn horn, and is sure to please your little one.  Lots of smiles at this party.  $25 additional charge for unicorn supplies and prep.


Costume Trunk


To enhance your party and provide addtional activities to entertain your guests as they wait for their turn to ride, we offer a complimentary costume trunk with a variety of "dress ups" to compliment your party theme.  The trunk includes an assortment of full costumes including glittery princess attire, cowboy hats, hawaiian hats, leis, feather boas, capes, bandanas, vests, tiaras, necklaces and skirts .  Most full costumes fit children up to 6 years, with accessories for older children. Costumes are designed to make it easy for children to pull over thier party clothing without much adult assitance, so they can have a costume change before their next ride.  With the costume trunk you are sure to provide your guests with a great photo opportunity!  The costume trunk is a hit with preschool children and this provides teachers opportunities to take adorable photos for parents. This option can be added to your party at time of booking. 


Grooming Time


For those wishing to offer something extra for their guests, Lil Horse Adventures offers complimentary grooming time. This is an excellent way of providing special "hands-on" time for animal lovers of all ages.  No one is too old to enjoy a little grooming time, but it works best for children 5 years and up. Guests are encouraged to pet, groom, and interact  with the ponies.  We provide grooming tools and hair accessories and assist the children in learning how to groom and move safely around the ponies.  Grooming time is reserved for the last 15-20 minutes of your party.  This option works best with the two and three hour party.  Typically grooming time does not extend beyond the length of your party, but we can offer extended grooming time for an additional $25 per half hour.  This option can be added to your party at time of booking.




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