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Frequenty Asked Questions

How do I book my party?

When do the ponies arrive?

How much space is needed for the pony rides?

How much space is needed for the petting zoo? 

How is the petting zoo set up if a grassy area is not available?

What types of animals are included with the petting zoo?

Is there an age or weight limit for the ponies?

How do you keep the pony rides safe?

Are riding helmets provided?

Do you provide a washing station?

Are you licensed?

Do you have insurance?

Can I hold my party at a park?

What is your policy if it rains?

Are your animals healthy and clean?

Why should I choose Lil Horse Adventures?

Who cleans up after the animals?

Is there a waiver parents must sign?

Are deposits refundable?

Do you offer anything in addtion to the pony rides?

Can the children feed the ponies treats?

Is it possible to arrange for extra grooming time beyond the length of the party? 










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